Our Story

Growing up in a small town is one of the greatest gifts, yet can also be one of the greatest challenges. Where I come from, we didn’t lock our doors at night, we always had our neighbors over for BBQ’s and when someone was trying to shoot for the stars, we did our best to support them. The problem is that we didn’t always know what to do or how to support them. It didn't matter if we were blood or not, we were all a family and did whatever we could to love one another.

I grew up wanting to be a country singer and although everyone believed it was an ‘impossible dream’ they came along for the ride. My mom, my sister and even my neighbors spent summers driving me around the province from contest to contest trying to get discovered. Through sheer luck, I was finally noticed by a music industry vet and taken under his wing. I didn't end up a singer, I ended up as a festival producer instead and I couldn’t be happier. I travel the world living my dream, with the ability to work from anywhere. Here’s the problem, it took a lot of random things to fall into place for any of this to ever happen. When I was a kid, I didn't even know this could be a career! And now it’s my dream for all kids, no matter where they are from or what family they are born into, to be able to know what is possible and to shoot for the stars - 100%.  I also want them to always remember where they came from and that being Raised by Rednecks is a good thing.

One of our most precious festivals is Extreme Mudfest in rural Alberta, and it's there where this idea was born. During the festival is where we see kids being brought up by this community we have created - kids being taught to work on cars, help their fellow competitors, and most importantly, get off their phones and play in the MUD. You don't need to be blood, and it doesn't matter who your parents are, we are people helping people and there is nothing better than that in the whole world. That's when we came up with the brand Raised by Rednecks. We are raising money through our bold, proud Redneck family to lift kids up in impoverished and rural communities and help them shoot for the stars. We are proud to be Canadian and we are proud to be 100% Raised by Rednecks.